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Launched in 2002, Hippoville Publishing is the brainchild of Jeremi Bigosinski, who at that time had just finished high school. His initial endeavor sought the publication of the first Hippoville Adventure, “Harry Hippo’s Flight”, a children's picture storybook that he wrote and illustrated. That book led the second, “Harry Hippo’s Lake Party” and the only the future will know about the third…

Hippoville Adventure Book 3


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Adventures in Hippoville: Harry Hippo's Flight

Book 1 (ISBN 978-0-9722265-1-6), Second Edition 2008

In the first book in the series, Harry Hippo decides one day that he wants to learn how to fly. With the help of Icdabaaa (IK-duh-buh), his fluffy bird friend, the duo embark on a journey to discover if hippos really can fly...

Adventures in Hippoville: Harry Hippo's Lake Party

Book 2 (ISBN 978-0-972265-2-3), Second Edition 2008

Harry Hippo and Icdabaa (IK-duh-buh) find new friends in their breakfast. Grateful for the rescue, the animals invite Harry to a lake party. But Harry has a problem: he can't swim!

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The Village Elder is Pretty Mysterious

How can I order the books?

Currently in 2015 this is not possible as the books are out-of-print.

When will the third book come out?

Sometime in 2016.

Why does it take so long to release new books?

The Village Elder is always running around somewhere in the world or running around in a +45hr full-time job, which, quite unfortunately, has nothing to do with drawing hippos.

I'm interested in Hippoville drawings. Where can I find out more?'

Please visit our sister site, Hippoville Art Prints, for more information and possible ordering of art prints.

Have you made any games? Or planning on it?

Of course! A Hippoville Adventure game is in the works! Release date... oh dear. Let's say 2017?'